Antisemitism Videos

Hillel International’s “Understanding Antisemitism on Campus” Curriculum teaches about the origins and evolution of antisemitism and how it manifests today, with a focus on the college campus setting. This video-based curriculum aims to help participants better understand, identify, and proactively address antisemitism.  

The first three sessions of the curriculum each revolve around a short video that introduces each topic. Each video is paired with a video reflection worksheet, facilitator guide, and participant source sheet to help participants gain an understanding of the topics, which are:

  1. What is Judaism? Who are Jews?

  2. History of Antisemitism

  3. Antisemitism Today

The curriculum also includes a fourth session, entitled “Definitions of Antisemitism.”  

For more information about the full curriculum and trainings:  

  • If you are a Hillel professional, and would like help setting up a training for students or university staff, please contact Tina Malka, Director of Antisemitism Education, Hillel International, at

  • If you are representing another organization, and are interested in partnering with Hillel to run a training, please reach out to Michal Dicker at

To view the videos: Please register below. After you complete your registration, you will be taken to the three videos. The videos have a total run time of 45 minutes.

Trigger Warning: The content of this curriculum may cause you to feel emotional or uncomfortable. If you have encountered antisemitism directly, or know someone who has, this video series may trigger painful feelings.  Please ensure you reach out to someone on the Hillel International team or at your local Hillel if you wish to discuss the series before, or after, viewing.  Contact names are listed below.

About the Videos: Launched in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, and inspired by the work of the Antisemitism Education Initiative at Berkeley, this project was a shared vision and passion of many people who played important roles in drafting and editing scripts, creating video and curricular content, and participating in multiple focus groups along the way to provide critical feedback.  

Thank you to the dozens of Hillel colleagues in the field and at Hillel International, students, and campus life colleagues who provided invaluable feedback, insight and hours of time, as well as to the following individuals: 

Adina Danzig Epelman and Tina Malka, co-authors of the videos and co-creators of this project

Sarah Lefton, Video Producer and Educator

Vlad Khaykin, National Director, Programs on Antisesmitism, Anti-Defamation League

Ethan Katz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, U.C. Berkeley and Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman, Executive Director, Berkeley Hillel: co-authors of the film Antisemitism in our Midst: Past and Present; and co-founders of the Antisemitism Education Initiative at Berkeley

Rachel Fish, Ph.D., Educator and Scholar

If you have trouble accessing the video, contact Hillel International’s Technology Services. For other questions, please contact